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What San Diego Restaurant Owners Should Consider When Hiring a Cleaning Service Friday, July 29, 2016

What San Diego Restaurant Owners Should Consider When Hiring a Cleaning ServiceBased in San Diego, and servicing commercial businesses throughout the La Jolla, Carlsbad, Chula Vista area and beyond, Allstar Commercial Cleaning provides superior ongoing janitorial services, that will allow your establishment to run efficiently and consistently pass state health code inspections and regulations. A standout among the most vital obligations of San Diego Restaurants is to have a spotless facility. It is a necessity if you expect to receive positive reviews and repeat customers.

Many restaurants are reviewed on a monthly basis, and receiving the dreaded “B” rating from reputable restaurant review agencies can destroy the reputation of your restaurant, invariably getting it shutdown. Especially since most states require the eatery proprietor to have the report in a noticeable spot for visitors to see. No man is an island, however, so enlisting a professional commercial janitorial service is important to the ongoing success of your business. Here are five things each restaurant proprietor ought to consider while enlisting an experienced San Diego cleaning service.

  1. Figure out what cleaning schedule will best suit your business. The establishment of the cleaning plan you need to set for the measure of your restaurant. A few proprietors just need a cleaning organization at regular intervals while others need it like clockwork. At that point, make a rundown of forthcoming cleaning administrations you are occupied with. Perused as much data on them as you can. Check their status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to perceive how they rank or view online testimonials. Go to their site and perceive how well they speak to themselves. Allstar Commercial Cleaning has consistently received positive reviews from our past and current clients. We will offer you a free consultation and estimate, which will allow you to create a cleaning schedule that will most benefit your business, while staying within your desired budget.
  2. Interview multiple janitorial companies. When you are at the point of interviewing potential janitorial candidates for your restaurant cleaning administration, ask the right inquiries. To what extent have they been doing business? Do they have any references from past customers? Could they work at the booked time you require them to? Do they have the required manpower and modern cleaning equipment that will allow them to efficiently clean your restaurant. This is the reason references or online reviews are imperative.
  3. Get to know your cleaning team. Cleaning teams frequently work in separate shifts. It speeds up the occupation while as yet giving legitimate consideration regarding the points of interest of cleaning the spot. Become more acquainted with the team and guarantee they are the main ones to clean your eatery. It will comfort you in the event that you can perceive the general population getting through your entryway. Cleaning teams frequently need to come late around evening time to clean since it isn’t possible amid eatery business hours. Allstar Commercial Cleaning requires background checks and training programs for each of our employees.

Cleanliness and maintaining a sanitary environment should be a top priority for all San Diego area restaurant owners and managers. A perfectly clean dining area is pivotal to how your eatery is perceived by your customers by customers. A spotless kitchen is fundamental for well-being code necessities. Allstar Commercial Cleaning have the capabilities to ensure that your restaurant will remain consistently clean, so you will not have to worry about receiving negative reviews or potentially failing inspections. We offer free consultations and estimates in order to take into account your establishment’s extraordinary needs and necessities. We will work with you to outline a cleaning regimen to keep your clients, representatives, and the well-being overseers satisified and all within your desired budget. Contact us today at 858-715-0500 to get started!

Commercial Office Cleaning & Janitorial – Chula Vista, La Jolla, Clairmont, CA Friday, July 15, 2016

Office Janitorial - Office Cleaning - Allstar Commercial Cleaning Service - San DiegoThere are numerous motivations to keep your office clean. Office staff need and should work in a spotless situation, and an office’s cleanliness or lack of sanitization mirrors a considerable measure around a business. Entrepreneurs in San Diego have various commitments outside of working a business and the vast majority presumably don’t see office cleaning to be the greater part of the essential duties an entrepreneur does with a specific end goal to keep the business working effectively. One route for entrepreneurs to concentrate more on their business is to turn the cleaning obligations over to very much regarded proficient San Diego Commercial Janitorial company. There are incalculable advantages of having an experienced and reliable janitorial company in charge of cleaning the workplace, including:

  1. Proficient cleaning organizations are talented in legitimately cleaning, tidying, and purifying your working environment. There is significantly more to keeping an office clean than just ensuring the carpet and surfaces are periodically serviced. These specialists comprehend all of the facets involved in deep cleaning, and utilize high quality cleaning products and machinery to guarantee a spotless situation.
  2. At the point when La Jolla, CA entrepreneurs delegate cleaning obligations to office staff, spirit can sink. Office laborers would prefer not to clean the restroom, purge the junk, dust, and so forth. Permit your laborers to do what they excel at and leave cleaning to the specialists.
  3. As dust and dirt accumulate, workplaces can without much of a stretch get to be respiratory perils. Exhaustive tidying can guarantee your office space has negligible allergens. This will help to create a safe and sanitary environment for your employees.
  4. Allstar Commercial Cleaning can guarantee certain items are continually stocked, such as paper towels in the restroom and also toilet paper. San Diego entrepreneurs can without much of a stretch ignore things like this given their different obligations. Office specialists, clients/customers, should have all that they require in the restroom.
  5. At the point when workplaces are perfect and disinfected, those working in the workplace are less inclined to become ill. At the point when laborers appear to be sick worn down, there is dependably an issue with bad cleanliness in the workplace.

Successful business owners in San Diego County know the advantages of utilizing a trusted, local commercial janitorial company to handle the greater part of the workplace cleaning needs. It is critical for entrepreneurs to contract a cleaning service, such as Allstar Commercial Cleaning, who have shown that they are dependable, solid, and who give intensive cleaning administrations. Entrepreneurs in have an unmistakable decision while selecting a respectable organization to give office cleaning administrations. Contact the Allstar Commercial Cleaning today at 858-715-0500 for a free consultation and estimate!

Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Cleaning & Janitorial | Del Mar, La Jolla, Carlsbad, CA Tuesday, June 14, 2016

With over 15 years of experience in providing restaurant cleaning and janitorial services in the San Diego area, Allstar Commercial Cleaning offers the greatest deep cleaning services for restaurants and commercial kitchens. We employ a team of highly professional and experienced janitorial technicians and utilized modern cleaning methods and high quality cleaning products to ensure that your restaurant will consistently remain clean and will be operating at maximum efficiency.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning is owned and operated independently and there is no sub-contracting involved. If you ever have any questions or problems, you can contact the manager directly and the issue will be solved immediately. Each member of our team will go through a vigorous training program and receive an extensive background check.

Our customized restaurant and hotel cleaning packages are designed the help your established maintain the greatest standards of cleanliness. Your ovens, floors, hoods, grout, dining areas, bathrooms and kitchens will receive great attention from our janitorial professionals. We will work hard to ensure that your establishment garnishes positive reviews from your customers and passes all state health inspections. As a restaurant owner or manager, you understand the strict cleanliness guidelines that you must adhere to in order to avoid penalties and a potential shutdown. We will help to ease the stress of maintaining a clean restaurant, so that you can focus on other operational matters.

San Diego Kitchen Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning overhaul encompasses a number of components that will contribute to maintaining a high level of cleanliness for your restaurant or facility. Some of our restaurant cleaning services include the following:

  • Cleaning and extracting grease and dirt from kitchen hoods and duct vents
  • Unloading grease traps
  • Washing and disinfecting all ceilings, walls, floors and cooking equipment
  • Sanitizing and deep cleaning sinks and counter-tops
  • Damage restoration and extraction

Allstar Commercial Cleaning restaurant cleaning services are performed utilizing techniques and methods that will help you to maintain a spotless facility and pass any health code tests you may encounter. You can reach us directly 858-715-0500 to schedule a free consultation and receive a free estimate. We service resturant and hotel facilities of all sizes and scope throughout the following and surrounding towns in San Diego County; Chula Vista, El Cajon, Lakeside, Alpine, Poway, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, Encinitas, Lajolla, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, National City, Point Loma, Cornado, and beyond!

Restaurant Janitorial & Cleaning Services | San Diego, CA Monday, May 23, 2016

Restaurant Janitorial & Cleaning Services | San Diego, CAA San Diego restaurant is effectively one of the best places to enjoy a meal and the company of a friend or acquaintance. However, when restaurant employees are managing the operations of a restaurant, they will frequently discover it is exceptionally hard to stay aware of all the work that is required to keep up the eatery running efficiently and at the same time maintaining a clean and healthy environment for customers. The San Diego restaurant janitorial professionals at Allstar Commercial Cleaning have been providing superior janitorial services for business owners throughout Lajolla, Pacific Beach, Chula Vista and the encompassing the areas for over 20 years. We fully understand all of the facets involved in maintaining a clean restaurant and we have provided some tips below, that will assist you in understanding the same.

Possessing a cleaning agenda will be key for San Diego restaurant owners and managers to utilize when they are fulfilling the diverse components to keeping an eatery clean. As a rule, an agenda will give individuals the data on what should be cleaned and notwithstanding when it should be cleaned. In the event that there is not an agenda, individuals may experience difficulty in completing the work or other workers could clean the same area twice and waste time and resources that could be used for a portion of another area of the restaurant to be cleaned.

Utilizing your team of cleaners and cleaning products in the most efficient way possible is something that you will need to focus your efforts on. While a busboy may use a specific cleaning agent to disinfect your tables, the kitchen may require a degreaser for the stove. By keeping the cleaners in the territory they will be utilized and guaranteeing that they are kept in stock, it will be less demanding for the general population to finish their occupation and this will make it less demanding for the cleaning to get expert in a convenient way.

Distinctive cleaning obligations is something else that San Diego area restaurant owners and managers will need to have scheduled as well. Regularly individuals who are given a vocation on an agenda, will ensure their occupation is finished accurately and expeditiously. So individuals will have the capacity to complete the right work and realize that it will help them in getting the work finished. On the rundown with the obligation it will make it less demanding for individuals to complete the right occupation, yet it ought to likewise have the strides illustrated to guarantee the work is all done and to ensure the janitorial services are completed properly.

If you are a San Diego area restaurant, hotel, or commercial business owner or manager and you are in search of professional commercial janitorial services, you can contact Allstar Commercial Cleaning for a free consultation and estimate. Give us the opportunity to fully clean your kitchens, bathrooms, serving and feasting areas, and more. We utilize cutting edge cleaning hardware and exclusive cleaning agents to clean and degrease your kitchen gear, kitchen hood, divider, roof, floor and grout surfaces keeping in mind the end goal to improve the presence of your kitchen and cafeteria, empower you to pass your next safety inspection, and guarantee the well-being and security of your representatives and clients.

Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures | San Diego, CA Friday, April 22, 2016

Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures | San Diego, CABased in San Diego, CA, Allstar Commercial Cleaning specializes in janitorial services for hotels and restaurants. We strive to ensure your clients experience is constantly first rate. We know and additionally you do, that a spotless and welcoming restroom can represent the moment of truth your visitors’ experience. Be that as it may, we set out to accomplish more than just simply ensure clean your restroom areas are clean on the surface. We use top-quality cleaning products, the most efficient modern cleaning equipment, and an experienced professional janitorial crew to guarantee that your restroom will be receive a deep clean and remain spotless for your customers to utilize.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning have been providing high quality janitorial services for clients throughout the San Diego area for over 16 years. We have included information below, which will give you an idea of the procedures we utilize when you hire us to maintain your establishment.

Daily Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Outwardly perform a detailed inspection of the presence of the restroom. Get any garbage on the floor, around the sink or can/urinal zones.
  • Inspect waste cans and recycling receptacles. On the off chance that they are full or about full, evacuate the garbage can liner and supplant with another one.
  • Check cleanser, bathroom tissue, and paper towel distributors to ensure they are legitimately supplied.

Weekly Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Meticulously clean and scour all inside surfaces of toilets/urinals with a latrine dish more clean. Wipe down all outside surfaces, including can seats, with a disinfectant. We utilize the best products and methods for purifying toilets and urinals and understand the best way to sanitize these surfaces.
  • Wipe down and sterilize all surfaces, including entryway handles, light switches, ledges, allotments and gadgets.
  • Clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner to evacuate any fingerprints and stamps.
  • Thoroughly wipe down the sinks and fixtures and handles.
  • Dust wipe, range and wet clean the floors, taking consideration to keep the mops, mop basins, and arrangements utilized as restroom just things. Maintain a strategic distance from cross-tainting with different zones of the office no matter what.

Monthly Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Perform extensive dusting throughout the entire space, including the highest points of entryways, racks, segments, gadgets, hand dryers and air vents.
  • Supplant all metered vaporized deodorizers and air fresheners.
  • Supplant the urinal obstructs as important, if there are urinal cleaning hinders set up, supplant these. The PeePod is a definitive restroom cleaners companion. Not just will it freshen up the restroom, as it persistently cleans the urinal dividers, yet it likewise unclogs pipes and ensure they can sufficiently deplete at all times.
  • Check to ensure all channels are appropriately depleting. If not utilize a channel cleaner to evacuate all stops up.

At Allstar Commercial Cleaning, we realize that a clean, sanitized restroom is an extraordinary approach to give your guests a positive impression of your business. It is additionally the most ideal approach to keep your representatives and guests sound and cheerful. Our San Diego restaurant lavatory cleaning administrations can be altered to fit the necessities of your business. We will work when it’s helpful for you, whether that is some time recently, amid, or after your ordinary hours of operation. Our expert restaurant janitorial crews are fast, effective, and meticulous. We are certain that you’ll be awed with our elevated expectations for quality and scrupulousness. You can reach us directly at 858-715-0500 to schedule a free consultation and estimate!

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist | San Diego, CA Sunday, February 21, 2016

restA standout amongst the most essential parts of running an eatery is keeping up kitchen and lounge area cleanliness. Not just will this permit proprietors to stay inside of the condition of well-being division’s regulations and rules; it lessens the danger of sustenance related diseases. A spotless business kitchen guarantees the well-being of both staff and visitors.

At the point when cleaning an eatery, administration will as a rule create two sorts of records. An “eatery cleaning agenda” and an “eatery cleaning plan”. An eatery cleaning agenda is an accumulation of errands that are required to be performed day by day, week by week, and month to month, contingent upon the particular errand. The lighter and sensible obligations are regularly done day by day by staff and laborers. The more troublesome and complex cleaning errands can be outsourced by an expert cleaning organization.

The fundamental parts of an eatery cleaning agenda can be found inside of a eatery cleaning plan. What are the fundamental parts to an eatery cleaning agenda?

Cleaning Food Preparation Station

The nourishment preparing stations are the more basic zones to keep clean. These zones are known not the most microscopic organisms because of the over the top treatment of crude nourishments, for example, poultry, shellfish, and eggs. It is essential for these problem areas to be cleaned as frequently as could reasonably be expected. Utilizing disinfectants and fades are the best barrier against these germs and microscopic organisms.

Cleaning Dishes/Utensils

Cleaning the dishes, flatware, and other cutlery things ought to be fused constant all through an eatery shift. This undertaking is for the most part completed by an allocated representative at the general utility station. This is somewhere else where germs and microbes can spread if not cleaned legitimately. Hot sudsy water and sanitizer is the best choice for the cleanest dishes.

Cleaning Walls

Zones on dividers subject to sustenance splatter should be wiped down reliably. These zones are found by refreshment stations, fryers, and sustenance prep tables. A disinfectant shower and wipe are successful approaches to cure such chaotic heaps.

Cleaning Floors

Floors need consideration different times amid an eatery shift. Little spills call for spot cleaning all through a movement. Substantial obligation floor cleaning should be led twice every day, opening and shutting time. Floors ought to dependably stay perfect and dry.

Cleaning Appliances

All machines ought to be wiped down with a disinfectant cleanser, ensuring to not disregard every one of the alcoves and hole of littler machines. Espresso producers also, refreshment containers are major problem areas for microscopic organisms development.

Cleaning Other Areas

Cutting sheets, dish towels and clothes, rubbish jars, kitchen hoods, debilitate fans, coolers, and channels, oil traps, air conditioning vents, bathrooms, eating tables, refilling consumables, inside and outside windows, and floor mats are all ranges that require a spot on the agenda also.

What Is A Restaurant Cleaning Schedule?

An eatery cleaning timetable is an approach to guarantee all essential cleaning assignments are being performed precisely. The timetable directs what is to be cleaned, when it’s to be cleaned, how it’s to be cleaned, by whom will it be cleaned, safety measures to take, who is mindful in guaranteeing the undertakings have been finished, and where related cleaning materials are found. Eatery cleaning timetables and agendas are basic in guaranteeing that day by day, week by week, and month to month undertakings are completed with appropriate execution and recurrence.