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Advice for Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Floors | Del Mar, La Jolla, Sorrento Valley, CA Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Advice for Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Floors | Del Mar, La Jolla, Sorrento Valley, CABy the end of a long work day, your staff is usually exhausted and ready to get home, which makes performing your daily kitchen janitorial duties very difficult for them to efficiently execute. This is why hiring a professional commercial cleaning company will be very beneficial for your restaurant or business and ensure that your operation is running at it’s maximum capacity and that it is up to health inspection codes.

A component of kitchen cleaning which is often overlooked or does not receive the attention that it deserves is your kitchen floors. The San Diego based commercial restaurant cleaning professionals at Allstar Commercial Cleaning have compiled a list of tips that will allow you to consistently maintain a clean floor for your restaurant, hotel, or commercial facility.

  1. Before you begin the process of cleaning your restaurant floors, be certain that your floor drains or not blocked and are working accordingly.
  2. If you have ceramic or tile kitchen floors, it is recommended that they are sealed with non-slip coating, which will champion the appropriate level of sanitation and lower the chances of your employees or customer succumbing to an accident.
  3. You should execute your floor cleaning duties prior to cleaning your food handling or processing tools. As you clean your floors, the potential for the dirt becoming airborne and falling upon your kitchen tools is possible.
  4. On the off chance that utilizing mops and containers, they ought to be cleaned/changed every day. Sullied wipes and containers can spread contaminants over the floor, expanding sullying concerns.
  5. A squeegee ought to be utilized to move dampness into floor channels for speedier drying.
  6. A floor buffing machine to be utilized in any event once every week, or day by day if fundamental, to relax soils, and oil that may develop on floors. Utilize a blue or green scouring cushion alongside a 17-inch or 20-inch floor machine; a more compact machine can better move in and around counters and cooking zones in a food service kitchen.

At the point when the last table is transported and the kitchen closes, Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s team of professional trained and experienced cleaning technicians go to work. Our teams are prepared to give the best in food service cleaning to ensure your kitchen and dining areas are perfectly clean and prepared for the following day.

With expert food service cleaning administrations, your cooks will have a sterilized workplace and your visitors a flawless feasting region. Allstar’s cleaning administrations include:

  • An unrivaled and cleaner eatery, from kitchen to eating region
  • Committed and experienced staff
  • 24-hour operations emergency cleaning services
  • A fully bonded and insured cleaning staff (including workers’ comp)

You can find out more information regarding our food service cleaning administrations by contact us at 858-715-0500 to present your specifications for a free quote or reaching one of our neighborhood eatery cleaning experts today.