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Opening A New Restaurant Sunday, January 22, 2012

Opening A New Restaurant Allstar Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Service.

You are going to open a new restaurant in San Diego, CA…..and you are trying to cover “all bases”  before opening day.  There are so many items to take care of.  You can’t forget anything nor make the wrong decision!!  Decisions, decisions……each decision is just as important as the last and more important than the next!!  Always keeping  in mind any budget restrictions.

Following are just some things you need to do:

…..choose just the right location
…..choose a name
… seating, wait stations, waiting areas
…..set up the bar
…..menus – design cover, food  descriptions, pricing, colors, catering, take out
…..uniforms help to give your staff a professional look and a polished image. Do I rent or purchase? From what company?  What style?  What color?
…..hire waitstaff
…..hire kitchen staff
…..hire management
…..find financing
…..advertise your new restaurant
…..engage food and alcohol suppliers
…..stock front and back of house – dishes,silverware,linens, kitchen equipment,
…..hire chefs
…..hire bartenders
…..hire janitorial cleaning service, set cleaning schedules, order supplies
…..choose promotional items
…..apply for insurances, permits, licenses
…..choose a POS system

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…………………the difference between making a right and a wrong decision can cost you tremendously, both financially and in the functioning and success of your restaurant.

Choosing the right restaurant  cleaning service is especially important.

While your making “all the decisions” let Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego  help ease your mind in the janitorial service area.  Allstar has been cleaning restaurants for 10+ years.  Restaurant cleaning is our expertise and we continue to service many San Diego area fine restaurants.

Many decisions must be made about  janitorial cleaning.  Decisions that Allstar and its experienced janitorial staff  can assist you with.  What cleaning and sanitizing supplies to use in restrooms?…..i.e., hand soap, paper products, trash bags, restroom air fresheners, seat covers, urinal screens, feminine hygiene products,  cleaners, chemicals, sanitizing products, etc?  Let Allstar decide for you which are the most effective and cost efficient supplies for your restaurant. Allstar’s competitive rates will help you stay well within your janitorial budget without sacrificing the cleanliness of your restrooms, kitchen, dining area, etc.

As our customer, should you need to contact us for any reason, you will have 24/7 access to our management staff, thus further putting a new restaurant owner and/or manager at ease if anything  unanticipated occurs, even at the last minute.  Our management team will work with you, your management team and your chefs to set up a schedule to cover your restaurant’s specific need.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Service of San Diego will save  you time and money while  performing superior restaurant cleaning to your satisfaction and, at the same time,  lowering the stress level of your management team, while staying within your budget.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego knows how to clean your restaurant, how often to clean your restaurant, how to have it ready when customers arrive and how to have it ready for last minute inspections.  This will give you more time to deal with other issues that might occur.

Call Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego at 858-715-0500 for a non-obligatory free estimate from our  management staff.


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Overview of Allstar Commercial Cleaning Monday, January 16, 2012

For the past 10+ years, Allstar Commercial Cleaning has been providing janitorial cleaning services to it’s many satisfied clients in the San Diego area.  Many of these clients, have been referred to us by other satisfied customers…..satisfied, not only the with the results of our expertise and professional cleaning skills, but with the added benefits provided them as an Allstar customer.

  • Allstar employs a fully bonded and insured janitorial cleaning staff.
  • Our many satisfied clients have 24/7 access to Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s experienced management team & receive prompt attention to all requests.
  • Allstar offers both short-term and month-to-month contracts.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our cleaning services.
  • A full Green Cleaning System for the environmentally conscious.
  • Use of trusted, time-tried and proven, leading brands of janitorial cleaning products.

We Clean:

  • Class A office space
  • Multi-tenant  and single-tenant buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants (restaurant cleaning is our specialty)
  • Schools and universities
  • Office suites, including office kitchens
  • Car dealerships
  • Showrooms and retail floors
  • Medical facilities

Specialty Services offered by Allstar Commercial Cleaning include:

  • Floor maintenance and carpet cleaning, including marble and stone
  • Construction Cleanup to all of Southern California, including….U.S. military; government contractors; commercial developers
  • Day porter services
  • Window washing
  • Pressure washing
  • One-time cleaning

Now that you know some of what we do, let us show you how  we do it….You will be amazed at the results dealing with a truly professional janitorial cleaning service can do for your office, your restaurant or your business.

Your round-the-clock access to our management team begins your first day of meeting with us.  You will be given our managers’ cell phone numbers.  They will be personally available to you 24/7.

Please contact Allstar Commercial Cleaning for a free estimate at 858-715-0500.




Restaurant Cleaning – Part 4 Monday, January 9, 2012

In recent blogs we focused on restaurant cleaning.    There are many factors that go into doing restaurant cleaning the right way.  But there is one word that reappears in each of  the factors involved in restaurant cleaning….that word is….routine.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning of San Diego, applying our extensive knowledge of restaurant cleaning, enables us to perfectly and routinely perform our exemplary janitorial services for  your restaurant.

Following are just some benefits you will realize by having your restaurant routinely cleaned by Allstar Commercial  Cleaning of San Diego.

Keeping valued customers satisfied.  As customers enter your restaurant Allstar will be sure they find both a pristine dining environment and clean, well-sanitized restrooms.  The first step to customer satisfaction begins when restaurant cleaning is done routinely (not occasionally)…..and as we know…..customer satisfaction is the most important step to a successful restaurant.  Without customers, there is no restaurant….

Reduction in the amount of sick time used by wait staff and kitchen staff.  Sick time can wreak havoc with your staffing schedule.  Remember….without routine cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms……germs can stay on surfaces for up to 2 days, increasing the likelihood of transferring flu/cold germs.  Therefore, routine cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms can greatly lessen the chance of this happening at your restaurant.

Being prepared for inspections by the Health Department happens when a restaurant’s janitorial services are performed routinely.  Whether the inspections happen with advance notice OR at the last minute, routine re restaurant cleaning will make a difference.  No need for last minute rushing around.  What a relief!

Lessen the stress on the restaurant owner and/or manager.  Allowing Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s well-trained janitorial staff to take care of your janitorial cleaning services will afford the manager and/or owner more time to deal with other restaurant issues.



Allstar Commercial Cleaning, a San Diego-based janitorial cleaning service……specializing in restaurant cleaning……..has been satisfying our clients’ needs for years.  We can do the same for you.

Please call us for a complimentary estimate…..858-715-0500.


Restaurant Cleaning – Part 3 Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Health Department Inspections

January 5, 2012

Following is the Mission Statement for San Diego’s Department of Environmental Health, Food & Housing Division:

“Protecting the environment and enhancing public health by preventing disease, promoting environmental responsibility and, when necessary, enforcing environmental and public health laws.  Our goal is Healthy People in Healthy Communities Free from Disease due to the Environment.

The Health Department is very serious about their Mission Statement.  One method used by the Health Department to attain their goals is by doing regular Food Facility Inspections at restaurants and ultimately rating each restaurant inspected.

A less-than-satisfactory rating is caused by lack of routine, thorough restaurant cleaning and maintaining the cleaning done.  Allstar Commercial cleaning knows how important such routine cleaning and maintenance is… when the Health Department shows up… can be sure Allstar will have satisfied the Health Department’s janitorial requirements which will greatly enhance the rating your restaurant receives.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning knows what needs to be cleaned and how to expertly do it.  Allstar’s skill in restaurant cleaning comes from many years of servicing both big and small restaurants.  We continue to serve our many satisfied clients who value, not only our expertise in the area of restaurant cleaning, but our total commitment to their janitorial needs.

Just some tasks on our restaurant cleaning to-do list are:

  • Kitchen and bar floor cleaning
  • Complete kitchen  cleaning….including equipment, hoods, ovens, etc.
  • Dining room
  • Complete restroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Daily floor and carpet cleaning
  • Hard surface floor care, including marble
  • General cleaning and dusting
  • Pressure washing exterior flooring/patios
  • Window washing
  • Cleaning tables, chairs, equipment and fixtures
  • Glass and metal cleaning and polishing
  • Cleaning dumpster enclosure

When the Health Department arrives……relax!…..Allstar Commercial Cleaning has proficiently done their restaurant cleaning tasks!!!

Call Allstar Commercial Cleaning for a complimentary estimate at (858)715-0500.


Restaurant Cleaning – Part 2 Monday, January 2, 2012

In our last blog we focused on how  your customers view of a clean restroom vs. a not-so-clean restroom and how San Diego’s Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s restaurant cleaning service can make a difference.  Now let us focus on your wait staff and kitchen staff.

As winter is upon us, ’tis the season for transmitting germs and ultimately….illness.  How can illness negatively affect your restaurant’s business.  The growth and transfer of germs in unclean and unsanitized bathrooms can cause your wait staff and/or kitchen staff to become ill resulting in those dreaded sick days.

Having confidence that your restaurant’s janitorial cleaning is  being  professionally taken care of on a regular basis is just one less issue that a restaurant owner or manager has to worry about.  Sick-day call-ins by staff, or having a server or chef leave early because of illness, especially at the last minute, can wreak with your schedule.  Would you want a wait person coughing, sneezing or sniffling while serving a valued customer?

Cleaning and sanitizing faucets, toilets, door knobs, sinks, counter tops, etc., on a regular basis helps tremendously to keep germs at a minimum.  Knowing this, is a big part of Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s restaurant cleaning service…..focusing on sanitizing while cleaning your restaurant.

After we clean your kitchen, the hoods, floors, patios, etc., let us show you what we can do with your bathrooms… cleaning is our specialty.

Dealing with the Allstar Commercial Cleaning professionals will leave you with a feeling of  confidence so that you don’t have to worry about replacing sick staff at the last minute…..this should be the exception…..not the rule.  You can focus your talents on other important matters.

So whether you own or manage a restaurant, remember the importance of clean and sanitized restrooms (especially during the cold/flu season) and call San Diego’s Allstar Commercial Cleaning at 858-715-0500 for a superior restaurant janitorial cleaning service.

Our expertise in restaurant cleaning comes from many years of servicing both big and small restaurants.  We continue to serve our many clients who value, not only  our expertise in this area, but our total commitment to their janitorial needs.

Please call Allstar for a complimentary estimate….858-715-0500…or call to discuss details of our restaurant cleaning services and our many satisfied clients.