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Restaurant Cleaning Sunday, December 18, 2011

How important is it that a restaurateur have a clean and sanitary facility?

Your food and hospitality service is exceptional.  The restaurant atmosphere is amazing and festive.  BUT what about the less talked about areas…..the restrooms?

Studies have shown that many customers are both fearful and cautious that a not-so-clean restroom may mean a not-so-clean kitchen.  If this is the case, a valued customer is most likely lost for good and a lost customer means a loss in profit.  A dissatisfied customer may share their displeasure with friends, family and/or co-workers.  In order for a restaurant owner or manager to provide customers with a good experience….. clean, sanitized bathrooms are a must!!  In order to save time  and money….. they need to find the best janitorial cleaning service to fit their needs.  ALLSTAR COMMERCIAL CLEANING, located in San Diego, understands the importance of having clean and sanitized restrooms in your restaurant or any business for that matter.  Restaurant cleaning is one of Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s specialties.

During the holiday season your restaurant will see an increase in regular and new customer activity.  With this brings  increased use of restrooms.   ALLSTAR COMMERCIAL CLEANING has a large restaurant clientele and strives to accommodate each restaurant’s specific janitorial cleaning requirements while, at the same time, satisfying your customers’ expectations of cleanliness and hopefully attract new customers.  Let Allstar Commercial Cleaning’s expertise and experience with restaurant cleaning guide you at holidays and every day.

After Allstar cleans your restaurant’s kitchen, hoods, floors, patios, etc., let us show you what we can do with your restrooms.  Restaurant cleaning is our forte.

Check your restrooms.  Are your floors and mirrors clean, toilets/stalls sanitized, faucets, door knobs/handles sanitized, counter tops and sinks cleaned and sanitized?  Are paper towel dispensers filled?  Is toilet tissue stocked?  If not, call  ALLSTAR COMMERCIAL CLEANING.

ALLSTAR COMMERCIAL CLEANING, a San Diego-based janitorial cleaning service, has been satisfying our clients’ needs for years.  Let us do the same for you.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Routine Maintenance for Autoscrubbers Thursday, December 8, 2011

Many will agree that battery maintenance is the number one issue when it comes to autoscrubbers. The battery pack is the most expensive part on any scrubber and neglecting it can be a costly mistake. The cable connections need  to be cleaned, the amperage needs to be checked as well as the voltage and it needs to be done often.

Other important parts of any routine maintenance include rinsing the recovery tank, cleaning the squeegee blades, inspecting pads and brushes and cleaning filters. When storing, make sure that the scrub deck and squeegee assembly are off the ground.

Next comes the question of maintaining and repairing an autoscrubber yourself or taking it to a trained service technician. It really depends on the design of the autoscrubber that you own; some are made to easily access the mechanical parts and some are more intricate and need to be taken in for service.

Of course the longevity of your machine is dependent on the quality of the machine you bought in the first place. In the end proper maintenance will save you time and money.

Call Allstar Commercial cleaning today for a free quote in San Diego at (858) 715-0500. Whether your cleaning needs are for a restaurant, office, hotel or warehouse, Allstar Commercial Cleaning has the right tools to get the job done.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Upholstery Cleaning in Commercial Areas Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Upholstery cleaners are known for being used domestically and in auto detailing, but they have many commercial uses as well. Think about the hotel industry and other hospitality type businesses, they could definitely benefit from upholstery cleaning too.

A hotel lobby sees a lot of traffic and is visible by all guests, therefore it is important to keep the carpet and furniture looking it’s best. This is not an easy task considering the amount of people in and out, sitting and standing. Drinks get spilled and shoes get dirty, leading to spots and stains that need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

The best way to use an upholstery cleaner in the commercial area is to avoid using harsh chemicals to remove dirt and stains. By using green cleaning chemicals there is no risk of leaving fumes or harsh chemical traces behind. With the right kind of attachements such as wands, hard to reach spots are no problem.

There is also the wet couch factor to consider… A machine that uses less water and relies on strong suction is the ideal way of getting the job done. This way it will dry quickly and have no chance of growing germs. Also, the furniture will be available for guests without the inconvenience of roping areas off.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning can handle all aspects of the commercial cleaning industries needs. Whether you need a restaurant, hotel, office building or warehouse cleaned, we have what it takes. Call Allstar Commercial Cleaning today for a free quote in San Diego at (858) 715-0500.

Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Cost-Effective Towels Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Which towel is more cost-effective, fold or roll towels? Well most will agree that the roll towel system, coupled with a dispenser is definitley the most cost-effective. Since rolled towels allow controlled portion dispensing there isn’t a chance of people grabbing large handfuls of paper towels and wasting them. Also, because the entire surface of roll towels can be used for drying, the amount of towel usage is reduced.

When folded towels are available, many people do not unfold each one to maximize drying surface and therefore more are used. Also, there is always those last couple towels that get stuck and don’t come out and are thrown away. Multi-fold towels also require more frequent refilling and therefore will often run out before your cleaning crew is available to put in a new one.

According to Howard Connel, global sustainability leader for Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, GA, “a major element of cost-in-use is usage or product utility and for more than a decade, we have examined the performance of its products and dispensing systems to provide the basis for determining the cost-in-use of various products and translate it into total consumption savings. In one analysis, switching from multi-fold towel to hard roll towel provided substantial savings in the following areas:

55 percent decrease in case consumption;

45 percent decrease in packaging wast (pounds).

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