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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Where to Start…The Beginning? Monday, November 21, 2011

In order to start utilizing cleaning science, professional janitors must first identify the unseen. In this day and age there are many new tools to help with defining unseen particles and keeping them out. Some of these tools include air quality sampling tools,  ultraviolet light testing and the ATP device which measures Adenosine Triphosphate.

Using the ATP device will help to locate germ hotspots which cleaners can then disinfect and provide hand sanitizer for. Particle counters are the perfect tool to use to find out how well your vacuum contains dust by measuring before and after vacuuming. Flourescent lights are perfect for finding urine deposits hidden in bathrooms.

Allan Rathey, President of InstructionLink/Jan Train Inc. says, “We’d love to see everyone measuring, but we can’t do that because everyone doesn’t know how.” Cleaning managers must be trained to take measurements correctly. “Once you’ve been trained, your measurements are going to be standard from test to test, and you’ll get consistent and reliable results,” he says.

Results need to be documented over time for future analysis so that you know the methods you are using are working.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: The Science of Cleaning Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yes, cleaning is a science! Most janitorial services think that they don’t have time to waste on it though. Scientific cleaning is basically, reaching set goals within a predetermined budget. Cleaning priorities must be set, results must be measured and changes must be implemented.

Allen Rathey, president of InstructionLink/Jan Train Inc., Boise, Idaho, admits there isn’t a lot of time to do this, but he is quick to add, “we don’t have time not to.” The following analogy explains the importance of cleaning science: “You’re rowing a boat that has a hole in the bottom and is filling up with water. There are alligators chomping at the sides and you’re trying to row the boat and bail water at the same time. You don’t have time to do any of those things, but you have to do all of them to get to where you’re going.”

The cleaning industry needs to be driven into the future and Rathey thinks that embracing cleaning science will provide the momentum to get it there.

“We want to be making money, using our time wisely and cleaning for health; and cleaning science is the only way to get us there,” he says.

To clean is to free from dirt, unstain, unsoil, basically get rid of unwanted substances. Usually this refers to what you can see on surfaces, but it means much more!

“It’s also removing the things we can’t see: the microbial contaminants, chemical residues, bio- or chemical pollutants,” says Rathey. “The old expression, ‘What you can’t see can hurt you,’ definitely applies to the science of cleaning, which is removing unwanted and invisible things that can adversely affect our health.”

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Economy and BSC Growth Wednesday, November 9, 2011

According to the study, “Janitorial Equipment and Supplies,” from the Cleveland-based research firm The Freedonia Group, Inc., US demand for janitorial equipment and supplies is expected to advance due to stronger growth. Reasons include: declining price increases, new product development, better ergonomic designs and growing floor space in some building markets.

Manual products are expected to have higher sales through 2013 due to product innovation. Disinfecting wipes are expected to have the highest increase in sales followed by backpack vacuums, floor machines, dust pans and mop wringers.

An increase in institutional floor space makes it the leader in growth  and market gains. With concerns regarding air quality in schools and healthcare facilities, janitorial equipment should see a strong increase in supply and demand in the near future.

Contract cleaners are expected to be in higher demand due to businesses wanting to reduce overhead by not using in-house cleaners. Thus janitorial equipment and supplies should see a steady increase in growth because of supply and demand.

“While all markets are expected to increasingly use outsourced cleaning services to varying degrees, office buildings will remain the largest market for janitorial equipment and supplies by contract cleaners through 2013,” according Freedonia’s research study, Janitorial Equipment & Supplies.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: How To Properly Clean a Restroom Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is your public or employee only restroom all that it can be? Have you received complaints from customers or just want to make sure that you never do? There are steps you can take to ensure your restrooms are up to par.

1. Preparation: Make a list! What needs to be cleaned? Is your supply closet well stocked? Do you have the proper equipment? Take stock and stick to your list and plan ahead.

2. Disinfect: Most fixtures in any restroom require disinfecting, such as toilets, urinals, sinks and counters. Make sure to wear gloves and even safety glasses if needed to avoid the harsh chemicals irritating skin and eyes. One thing many people don’t do because of time constraints is to allow the disinfectant to soak in, but with the right plan it can be done without adding extra time.

3. Restock: Paper towels, toilet paper, seat covers and soap should be checked on a regular basis and eventually you will know how often to replace each of them. It’s a good idea to keep some on hand just in case though.

4. Trash: There will always be waste to be emptied in a restroom. Make sure you have liners on hand and make sure they are the right size. There’s no reason to spend more money on larger bags if your receptacles call for smaller ones.

5. Dusting: Look up…are there cobwebs in the ceiling corners? Any dirty ceiling fans? These are chores that don’t necessarily need to be done daily, but should definitely be checked on a regular basis.

6. Floors: Sweep and mop floors on a daily basis if possible, especially in heavy traffic public restrooms.

7. Mirrors: Cleaning should start in one corner and move from right to left. Using a circular motion while cleaning will help prevent smudges or streaks.

8. Walls: Inspect all walls and /or partitions and spot clean as needed.

9. Caution Sign: Makes sure to put up a yellow caution sign while cleaning if the door cannot be locked. There is no reason to take a chance on someone slipping and falling. Safety first!

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