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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Touch Free Door Handles Monday, September 26, 2011

The restroom door is really the beginning and the end of germ control. Many companies have invested in touch-free appliances such as toilets, towel dispensers and faucet and soap dispensers, but  not many have touch free door handles. 

A report by the National Center for Infectious Diseases states that one out of three restroom users do not wash their hands. Even some of the ones that do wash their hands do not wash them for the recommended amount of time, says Tim Ames, Healthminder Division, Sloan Valve Co. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that patrons should wash their hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds, scrubbing all areas of the hands, including the back of hands, wrists, cuticles, fingernails and the spaces between their fingers.

To prevent germs from spreading companies would need to have someone disinfecting door handles all throughout the day and we know that most likely will not happen.

So, to help decrease employee absenteeism there are a number of methods to help with the door problem. Having no door at all is one easy way to solve the problem, but sometimes that just won’t fit into the design of your building. Alternative methods include a misting alcohol dispenser set to spray at certain times throughout the day; an automatic dispersing antibacterial sheet that covers the door handle for each person that exits; a motion activated sensor that opens the door for you.

For business owners wanting to create a healthier environment and improve the overall health of their restroom, touch-free door handles are a great way to begin.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Cleaning Hardwood Floors Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First things first: a general rule of thumb is to always vacuum clean hardwood flooring before using any cleaning products to remove dust and debris.

If hardwood flooring has a polyurethane finish you need to be careful of using too much water. You want to ring the mop out as best you can so water isn’t dripping off of it and leave the floor to dry for a streak-free finish.

If your hardwood flooring is shellacked, varnished or lacquered the quickest method of cleaning is to use a wax applicator pad to spread a one-step cleaner/polish. Make sure to go with the wood grain when spreading or applying. Also, take care to remove any excess liquid with a clean cloth before moving onto the next section.

Unsealed hardwood floors should not be cleaned prior to being sealed; doing so can cause damage that might be irreparable.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Day vs. Night Cleaning Friday, September 16, 2011

Arguments in favor of a switch from night to day cleaning include lower energy and labor costs, but is it cost effective to have employees or customers standing around waiting for the bathroom to open up because it’s being cleaned? Or what if someone doesn’t notice the floor is wet and trips and falls?

As for the cleaning manager, higher costs might be involved, such as having to purchase new, quieter equipment. Also the crew is required to work around customers and staff members, which could prove difficult at times. When working around an office during the day many staff members may feel entitled to ask special favors of the cleaning crew which adds extra time to their schedule.

Remember, the cost of a janitorial service is a small part of your building’s total expenses. Make sure whichever shift you choose, that the schedule complements not complicates how you conduct business.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Odor Control in the Restroom Thursday, September 15, 2011

There are two types of odor problems that plague restrooms: ongoing and temporary. Cleaning crews need to decide which tools will successfully combat restroom odors.

The top complaint for onging restroom odor issues is urine. Julie Kanthak, manager of environmental services at St. Anne Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, says that urine saturation in tile grout, especially in the men’s restroom, causes the most problems.

Urinal pads  and deodorizer that works with the air flow are wonderful tools. In order to solve a long term urine odor problem though, enzyme products work best to eat the bacteria.

Another cause of odor is floor drains, which can emit sewer gases causing very unpleasant smells.

“When mopping the restroom floor, use a disinfectant cleaner,” says Dave Sepich, owner of Springtime Janitorial Supply, in Carlsbad, NM. “When you are near a floor drain, just take the mop out of the bucket without ringing it out, place it over the drain and step on it a couple of times to flush liquid into the drain. If you do this daily, the drain will not dry out and the disinfectant will kill the bacteria that can grow in the drain.”

Always remember to wash the trash cans occasionally as well your mopheads. They are carriers for smelly bacteria too!

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