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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Autoscrubbers Vs. Mops and Brooms Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autoscrubbers are changing to fit into smaller spaces, hoping to take the place of mops and brooms, but custodians still think mops and brooms are here to stay!

It’s been said that autoscrubbers are to floors what car washes are to automobiles.

However, even though a car goes through a car wash, what are the attendants using to pre-scrub or dry off vehicles? You guessed it…hand tools like towels and squeegees.

The difference is the same when dealing with austoscrubbers. They can drastically reduce the use of a mop or a broom, but they can’t altogether eliminate them.

“In this business, cleaners will always need a broom and a mop,” says Malik Mantro, sales manager for Armchem International Corp., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “The autoscrubber is a great tool – especially when used correctly – but in my experience nothing beats a broom and mop.”

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Dirty Equipment Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Janitorial Services or Building Service Contractors can actually be the reason for odors.

Most people assume that odors are caused by food or human waste, but the actual disinfectants and sprays used may be the culprit.

Poor cleaning practices can also lead to odor problems and I’m not talking about the cleaning of restrooms, but the actual cleaning products themselves.

For example, how often are your vacuum bags emptied? Dirt and germs and odors are festering in those vacuum bags with the possibility of spreading. They should definitely be emptied on a regular basis. Also, mop heads can clean as well as spread odors if they are not disinfected often.

“If you look in the restroom janitorial closet, you can extrapolate what the rest of the building looks like, because if it’s not taken care of, guess what they’re not doing anywhere else,” says Lynn Krafft, CEO of Krafft Cleaning Service in New York.

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ALLSTAR COMMERCIAL CLEANING: 3 Ways to Remove Odors Part 2 Monday, August 15, 2011

The second step in odor control is getting rid of odors at the source! Masking odors with nice smelling sprays and disinfectants is not odor removal, it’s odor cover-up. Restrooms should be on a daily cleaning schedule, the counters and floors and other surfaces should be disinfected every day. This helps with bacteria and the spreading of.

“Studies show toilets seem to be the cleanest thing in a building because they are disinfected every night, whereas a desktop may have crumbs and other things on it for a long time,” says Lynn Krafft, CEO of Krafft Cleaning Service in N.Y.

An important question to ask is: are your disinfectants being used properly? Simply spraying and then wiping immediately is not going to work, BSC’s must sit on the surface for a proper amount of time to work.

Frequent cleaning is a must! “Frequency of cleaning is critical in high traffic areas,” says Roger Ford, director of operations of Team MJV in Indiana. “We have more problems in the men’s and boys’ restroom than in the ladies’ restroom, especially around the urinals. If restrooms can be maintained throughout the day, you keep that odor in check. If you are cleaning that facility only once a day, there are several hours where bacteria can grow and it’s more difficult to keep it in check.”

Other items that require frequent cleaning are wastebaskets. In restrooms wet paper towels, sanitary items and many other bacteria laden items sit in a trash can producing odors. And it’s not just restroom wastebaskets, what about the ones in the break room or at a desk even? Food is one of the biggest culprits of germs and odors and therefore should be emptied on a daily basis. This goes for restaurants especially, trash cans should not only be emptied but sprayed and disinfected regularly as well.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: 3 Ways to Remove Odors Part 1 Thursday, August 11, 2011

First of all is your odor problem in a facility for children or adults? Schools have odors caused mainly by urine, especially elementary schools. A scheduled nightly cleaning of toilets and urinals is imperative. If odor is builing up in urinals, they may need to be acid-cleaned and flushed out on a more frequent basis, says Lynn Krafft, CEO of Krafft Cleaning Service in N.Y.

With commercial office buildings, the problem may lie in floor drain traps. They tend to dry out  and this allows sewer gases to come up. A daily cleaning solution down the drains should take care of this problem.

Floors and grout lines also play a part in odor control in restrooms, needing to be cleaned frequently. One way to help with this problem is to lay down matting around urinals and toilets, but don’t forget to change them out weekly.

Now, what type of fragrance should be used? People like a nice clean smell when they walk into a restroom, but remember, masking the odor is not a solution to your problem. Many schools prefer a citrus or fruity fragrance whereas office buildings choose to use a fresh scent  to accompany the disinfectants used. As far as industrial facilities go, vanilla fragrance is the way to go.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Can Vacuuming Improve Indoor Air Quality? Monday, August 8, 2011

Why do we vacuum? Well besides the carpets looking dirty, it also protects the air that we breathe. Dust generated inside a facility can include mold, bacteria, paper dust, soot, and dust mite droppings. A benefit to having a janitor is  to improve your air quality. Detailed vacuuming, done once or twice a week and moderate vacuuming nightly is your best bet to catch the dust before it spreads throughout the building. Many janitors, like those at Allstar Commercial Cleaning, even use backpack vacuums to really detail clean the corners, edges and under furniture. Using a HEPA filter greatly improves your chances of capturing particles that might otherwise escape and travel throughout your building.

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Allstar Commercial Cleaning: Commercial Pressure Washers and Grease Removal Friday, August 5, 2011

Commercial pressure washers can be used in various ways in various industries. Because they use water to lift and remove dirt from various surfaces they are considered to be both effective and eco-friendly. They can work wonders in commercial kitchens, however sometimes pressure washing without steam just isn’t enough.

Commercial kitchens and factories often have heavy grease that needs to be cleaned. Commercial pressure washers without heating capabilities are just not always capable of removing the grease. Unheated water does not loosen grease, but they are ideal for lighter cleaning tasks to remove dirt and grime. Machines that output wet steam at degrees of 330 can help dissolve dirt and grease from surfaces.

Since steam pressure washers are still using using the power of water, they are considered just as eco-friendly as there counterpart. So, pressure washing machines provide effective cleaning power that doesn’t harm the environment.

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