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How Hiring A San Diego Restaurant Cleaning Service Benefits You Thursday, April 29, 2010

If you are considering whether or not to hire a San Diego restaurant cleaning service, you should keep in mind that a commercial cleaning service does much more than simply keeping your restaurant clean. The right cleaning service can also help you to achieve and maintain high health code rankings, and can help you prepare for the fire and insurance inspections that are required by the state of California.

  • Regularly clean your restaurant exhaust fans. If not properly cleaned and maintained, these fans can become clogged and create a fire hazard.
  • Pressure wash the floors and exterior of your restaurant
  • Mop and wax floors
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms on a regular schedule
  • Empty kitchen grease traps
  • Wash and clean kitchen range hoods and filters
  • Keep carpets vacuumed, stain free, and clean
  • Be responsible for cleaning both interior and exterior windows
  • Provide day porter and specialty cleaning services when needed.

These are just some of the many services that a commercial cleaning service should provide. Be sure to research any cleaning service and compare prices and services before deciding to hire one.

Grout Cleaning And Care Tips Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If the grout between the tiles is dingy, even the most expensive and beautiful floor will end up looking dirty, dull, and dingy as well. Not all grouts are the same, however, and when cleaning and maintaining them, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Sealing Grout: Some, but not all types of grout should be sealed in order to protect it from corrosion and damage. If the grout is made of cement and if the color of the grout darkens when it is exposed to water, then a manufacturer recommended sealant should be applied to it. Grouts containing furans and epoxy do not require sealant.
  • Everyday Grout Cleaning: Grout should be cleaned with soap free detergent and manufacturer recommended Ph balanced cleaning solutions. A soft bristle brush should be used to remove dirt and debris from the grout joints, and surfaces should be allowed to dry thoroughly before walking on them.
  • Grout Haze: When small amounts of grout are transferred to the surface of the tile, over time this can create a hazy appearance on the tile face. This can be removed with the use of a scouring pad and a mild cleanser. For particularly stubborn grout residue, you can purchase a commercial grout haze removal solution.
  • Grout Deep Cleaning: For particularly soiled and dirty grout, it may be necessary to use a commercial buffing machine to clean both the tile and the grout. Some types of tile and grout, particularly specialty types, should not be cleaned this way, so it is always a good idea to consult the manufacturer before using a buffing machine. In some cases, acid-based solutions can also be used to remove stubborn stains.

Commercial Cleaning Safety Tips: Floor Waxing Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Many commercial cleaning services offer floor waxing as part of their cleaning and maintenance services, saving business owners time and money in the long run. If you decide to wax your floors yourself, it is important to make sure that you use the proper equipment and take the necessary safety precautions.

First, make sure that you have the right safety equipment. This can include knee pads, rubber shoe covers, gloves, and goggles. Take the time to set up a safety barrier as well to keep people from entering the area, since freshly waxed floors are extremely slippery and can cause slip and fall accidents.

Second, mix the solution that you are using on your floors according to the manufacturer’s directions. Don’t simply assume that pouring any amount of product in is good enough. Take the few minutes necessary and measure the amounts. Once you have your equipment and solution ready, be sure to sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any last traces of debris and dirt.

When it comes to the actual application of floor wax, it is important to wax one area at a time, and avoid walking on freshly waxed or wet areas of the floor. You should also keep in mind that if done properly, waxing the floor is a job that only needs to be done about once a year.

Commercial Cleaning Tips: What Is Ammonia? Monday, April 26, 2010

Ammonia is unique in that it can be found in both a liquid and a gaseous state and it is a common component of many cleaning solutions. The sharp, acrid smell of ammonia is a familiar smell to most people. Ammonia occurs naturally in the water, the soil, and the air and is an important source of nitrogen for humans, plants, and animals.

In terms of cleaning, it is important to remember that most toilet bowl cleaners, wax removal products, and other cleaning products contain at least 5-10% ammonia. Another common component in cleaning products is bleach and bleach and ammonia, as an cleaning professional will tell you, should never be mixed. When bleach and ammonia combine, the result is a dangerous and toxic gas, known as chloramine.

When it comes to commercial cleansers containing ammonia, it is also important to keep in mind that these products contain higher concentrations of ammonia (20-30 percent) and can be very dangerous if not handled and used properly. For this reason, it is best to leave the cleaning with these types of products to the professionals, namely, your San Diego commercial cleaning service.

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Tips Thursday, April 22, 2010

Commercial ice machine maintenance and proper cleaning is essential, both for health and safety reasons, and to keep your ice machine running efficiently. Cleaning the ice making plate and other components of your machine should be part of your normal cleaning schedule.

  • The Ice Making Plate: Mineral build-up on the ice making plate can cause the machine to stop working, since the minerals can prevent the machine from releasing the ice on time. Running the correct type of cleaning solution through the water circuit of your machine is the easiest way to keep it clean.
  • Condenser Coils: The condenser coils in your ice machine help keep the compressor running, and dirty coils can cause the machine to shut down. Simply remove the coils and regularly blow them out with compressed C02 and then carefully replace them.
  • Surface Cleaning: Regular surface cleaning with a mil cleanser will help to keep the external parts of your machine clean and sanitary and should be done once a week or as needed.

Remember, a little preventative maintenance today can save you the hassle and cost of service calls, repair bills, and replacement parts tomorrow.

Commercial Cleaning Tips: Cleaning A Deep Fryer Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who likes cleaning deep fryers? No one, especially busy restaurant workers, which is why so many restaurants employ the services of a technician or a professional cleaning company to do this task for them. Of course, if you must clean your deep fryer yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Preparation: Unplug and turn off your deep fryer to allow it to cool to the appropriate temperature.
  • Scraping: Remove the fry basket and soak it in a sink or tub full of warm soapy water. Next, using a flat metal spatula, carefully scrape the dirt and debris from the sides and interior of the deep fryer.
  • Deep Cleaning: Fill the machine with water and soap and plug it back in, waiting approximately 1-2 minutes for the water and soap solution to come to a boil. Then, unplug the fryer and allow the water to cool. Next, drain the solution and then rinse the inside of the machine with clean water.

Allow your fryer to dry completely before replacing the components and plugging it back in.