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End Of Lease San Diego Office Cleaning Tips Friday, January 29, 2010

Congratulations, you’re getting a new office! Whether you’re expanding or consolidating your operations, a new move always brings with it the opportunity for change and greater business success. In the flurry of activity leading up to a move, many office space tenants assume that cleaning is something that they will take care of once moving is over, but often, this important step is neglected due to time constraints. What does this mean? Aside from the simple fact that leaving a messy, dirty office with piles of trash behind makes you and your company appear unprofessional at best, there are other reasons to make sure that you clean before you move.

For one thing, many commercial leases require a deposit at the time of move-in. If you don’t bother to clean upon move-out, you will lose this deposit. For another, not cleaning and/or repairing any damage may actually end up costing you money, once the move-in inspection is complete and if it is determined that the cost of any deposit that you may have put down at the time of move-in is not sufficient enough to cover cleaning and repair costs.

Here are some helpful end of lease cleaning tips:

  • Start early. Before your furniture and office equipment is moved out, take the time to note any stains or damage to the flooring, fixtures, or walls. Either fix it immediately or make a note of it so that it is fixed before you leave.
  • Remove pictures and other wall-hangings first. This will allow you to see if any large holes have been left behind that need to be filled.
  • Hire a professional. If you have a cleaning service, put in your request for a special move-out cleaning once you and your employees have left as soon as possible. If not, hire one that specializes in both one-time move-out cleanings and regular cleaning services. Most busy offices simply don’t have the time or resources to perform a thorough move-out cleaning on their own.

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The Five Most Germ-Ridden Places In Your Office Thursday, January 28, 2010

It’s a slightly gross but true fact: Your office is crawling with germs. When you consider that even the cleanest, most sterile environments still harbor germs and bacteria, it is easy to imagine what kinds of microscopic horrors are lurking in even the cleanest office environments. This is just one of the reasons why hiring a professional office cleaning company is so important, since it is their job to keep your office sanitary, while you concentrate on more important things, like working.

Here is a list of the five most germ-ridden places in your office, and some tips on how you, and your office cleaning service, can help to keep the germs from spreading.

The Carpet. Everything, and we do mean everything, that your employees touch with their shoes also touches your carpet, making it a logical breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Keep them vacuumed, stain-free, and shampooed.

The Bathroom: Bathrooms are notorious for being germy, and when you add this to the fact that a high volume of people use office bathrooms on a regular basis, it is easy to see why it is so important to make sure that the floors, counter tops, fixtures, and toilets sanitized and cleaned on a daily basis.

Door Knobs And Handles: Everyone who enters and exits your office space has to touch at least one door handle. Eliminate germs on these surfaces by cleaning and disinfecting them on a daily basis.

The Office Kitchen: So many bacterial breeding ground potentials exist here. From the office coffee pot and water cooler to the refrigerator, microwave, and stove. Not to mention the kitchen sink, which most cleaning experts agree is the dirtiest, germiest place of any home or office, even more so than the toilet.

The Desk: You and your employees spend the majority of your time at your desks. You work there, talk there, and eat and drink there, and all of these things can contribute to germs and bacteria. Take the time each day to throw away trash, wipe up stains and spills, and remove loose food particles, and make sure to clean and sanitize your desk, computer, and other surfaces frequently.

More Tips For Hiring The Right San Diego Cleaning Service Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that our mission is to stress the importance of hiring a San Diego office, janitorial, and restaurant cleaning service. Knowing how important something is doesn’t always help you know how you can make sure that you get it for yourself, which is why we have put together the following tips can help you make sure that you choose the right cleaning service for your restaurant or business.

Identify Your Needs: Are you searching for a one-time cleaning service? A daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning service? Do you have specialty cleaning needs, such as marble floors, multiple office buildings, or maintenance issues that need to be addressed ? Find a company that can accommodate you.

Research: Do your homework before you call any services that you are interested in. Do they have professional affiliations? Are they a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau? Are their any complaints against them?

Customer Service: The best cleaning services have a customer service and support center that is readily accessible and responsive. Ask the cleaning services that you call what the typical response time is for customer inquiries. This should give you a good impression of the value that they place on their clients.

Insurance: Are the employees insured? Are they covered in the event of an accident or an injury? If not, you may be held liable.

Following these tips will help to make sure that you choose a quality, professional San Diego cleaning service.

The Five Minute Office Cleaning Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sometimes, when we are overwhelmed with demands, it can be tempting to take the attitude that if we don’t have an hour or more to devote solely to one task, then we don’t have any time for it at all. Even if you have a professional San Diego office cleaning crew working hard everyday to keep your office looking its best, it is still important do to some daily spot cleaning on your own.

But who has time for that? You do. Here is what you can do in five minutes to make your workspace, and your office, a little brighter.

De-Clutter: Go through the stack of paper on your desk. Need it? File it. Don’t need it? Toss it. Be merciless.

Deodorize: If you have an air freshener spray nearby, spritz some in the air, and take the time to wipe down the surface of your desk with a lightly scented cleanser as well.

Toss The Trash: Not only will this make your work area look (and smell) better, but it will also help to eliminate fruit flies and other pests.

Straighten: This goes along with de-cluttering. If you don’t have time to thoroughly clean your desk, arrange everything into neat piles, push in your chair, throw away any wrappers or other trash, and brush any crumbs or dirt away.

That’s it-a five minute power clean guaranteed to lift your spirits when you come back in the next morning, coffee in hand, ready to begin another work day.

San Diego Restaurant Cleaning Tips: Preventing Foodborne Illness Monday, January 25, 2010

When it comes to preventing food borne illness, there is no better resource than your San Diego restaurant cleaning service. Having a professional cleaning crew working behind the scenes will go a long way towards a safe and sanitary dining and food preparation environment. These tips may seem like basic knowledge, but it never hurts to review, and pass the information on to and review with your employees.

Cleanliness Is Key: This statement is cliched, because it is true. Making sure that your employees, from cooks to dishwashers, to the waitresses that carry the food to the customer, wash their hands frequently is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of illness. Make sure that all cooking utensils and surfaces are kept clean and sanitized on a daily basis.

Make sure that you stress the importance to your employees of not coming to work when they are ill.

Keep Foods Separate: Make sure that meats and vegetables are prepared on separate surfaces. This will keep bacteria like salmonella from uncooked meat from spreading to other foods.

Cook Foods Thoroughly: Use a meat thermometer and make sure to keep all foods refrigerated.

Be Informed And Stay Informed: Review your local health department guidelines and post copies of them where you and your employees can refer to them.

San Diego Restaurant Green Cleaning Tips Thursday, January 21, 2010

Proper and frequent San Diego restaurant cleaning is essential, not only for appearances, but for the health of your employees, and your customers as well. Taking just a few minutes to make sure that all of your appliances are clean and sanitary really can go a long way.

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Blenders: Blenders are responsible for helping us create many tasty concoctions and drinks, and as a result , they can easily become dirty. Try cleaning your blender by filling it halfway with hot water and a small amount of detergent, and then replacing the cover and letting it run for a few seconds. This is a great way to de-clog and thoroughly clean spots that a sponge or a dishwasher might miss.

  2. Cutting Boards: Particularly pungent foods like garlic and onions can leave odors behind in the cutting board, which can in turn affect the flavors of other foods. Try rubbing the surface with a cut lemon or lime, and then using a small amount of non-chlorine bleach or bleach alternative and hot water to permanently remove odors and stains.

  3. Microwaves: One quick and easy way to loosen stains and make them easier to remove is to microwave a wet paper towel for 30 seconds and then use it to wipe spills and messes from the sides and bottom of the oven away.

  4. Garbage Disposals: Disposals are notorious for being the source of bad odors, but there’s no need to resort to harsh chemicals to remove them. Simply grind a half of a lemon or an orange rind along with plenty of hot water to naturally remove odors.

For more San Diego restaurant cleaning tips, be sure to ask your cleaning service.