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Finding Time To Clean Friday, July 31, 2009

Keeping track of that cleaning schedule is a necessary habit for controlling the amount of cleaning you wind up having to do.  You may struggle with finding the time to clean in the midst of all the other responsibilities and errands you have during the day.  The less of a routine you have the more insurmountable or energy draining the job becomes. It’s very important to really sit down and take the time to make a cleaning plan. 

Here are some quick tips on creating and keeping to a good cleaning schedule:

  • Get a calendar and choose specific dates on which you want to get your regular bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly cleaning projects accomplished.  Try and estimate how much time you will need to set aside for each tasks.
  • Be sure to allow time for personal activities such as napping, watching a movie, eating, or friend time.
  • Don’t be unrealistic about creating this schedule and turn your life into nothing but work, work, and more work.
  • Finally be sure to plan ahead and make sure you know what cleaning instruments and chemicals you will need on hand for the jobs that week.  For suggestions on good brands to purchase or homemade recipes call  a San Diego professional cleaning company and discuss your cleaning goals and they will be happy to help you out with all your cleaning questions.

Restauraunt Cleaning Tips: Marble Counter Tops Friday, July 31, 2009

Marble countertops and floors are very stylish and chic these days.  They look great and make an excellent upgrade or addition to any home or office.  Marble, however, is one of the more high-maintenance of countertop or floor surfaces and requires a lot of careful attention to keep it looking its best.
Marble is soft and can be easily marked when treated too roughly or by common acidic spills such as vinegar, sodas, or juices.  It is important that marble is kept clean and spills are wiped up immediately.  Never use acidic cleaning agents on marble.  Only pH neutral cleaning agents should be applied to marble so you don’t ruin the finish.  There are a variety of Marble specific cleaning solutions that any San Diego cleaning company or San Diego office cleaning company would be able to recommend.
Be sure to clean your marble countertop or tile with a dry soft cloth or mop.

Never use the rough side of a sponge or any other abrasive scrubber.  Since marble is also very porous it absorbs stains.  It can be helpful to apply a pH sealer to your marble surface every 6-12 months.  Again, be sure to utilize your local San Diego cleaning company for recommendations on specific brands that have a reputation for being the best.

Office Carpet Cleaning And Odor Removal Tips Friday, July 31, 2009

Long after any spill or other dirty mess on your carpet is cleaned the odor might still remain.  Worst yet where there is odor remaining, there is also the possibility of attracting dirt to make those old stains you thought you cleaned reappear again.  Short of constantly buying and re-installing new carpet, there are steps one can take to try and tackle those invisible odors that are lingering around your house.
One of the most common carpet odors is mildew or mold.  Vinegar makes a great deodorizer for mildew smelling carpets.

Mix the vinegar with water and then shampoo your carpets being sure to leave enough ventilation in your house or office building for your carpets to dry thoroughly.  Mildew comes from moisture that does not have enough air to properly dry no matter how much you clean your carpets smell will continue to return.
There are other sources of carpet smells, of course.  Pet odor and odor from cigarette smoke are also hard to get rid of.  Baking soda is a cheap and easy fix for these types of smells.

Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the entire surface of the carpet and then work it into the carpet with a stiff broom.  Leave it overnight and then vacuum.  Pet urine is a particular problem and will not lift out with simply a Baking Soda clean.

This job will most likely require a thorough steam cleaning, but first sprinkle the Baking Soda over the carpet so that combined with the steam cleaner you are sure to get the nasty smelling odor out.  Steam cleaners are good to have on hand and can be purchased or rented, but a trusted San Diego cleaning company that specializes in either home or offices is also a good resource to draw upon.

Keeping Your Office Refrigerator Clean Friday, July 31, 2009

Always remember that your refrigerator is a place where you keep your food.  Whatever goes in there is hopefully at some point intended to wind up in someone’s mouth.  An un-cleaned refrigerator should therefore be something that should strike fear into the heart of anyone that enjoys the ritual partaking of food.
Unfortunately, however, most people neglect the routine maintenance of their refrigerator until it deteriorates into the most bacterial ridden place in their home or office.  The job might not be easy and there are cleaning companies within the San Diego area that will do it for you, but it has to be done.

Start by removing all the items within the fridge and placing them either in organized groups on your countertop or into boxes or bags.  Remove all the shelves, as well.  Prepare a cleaning solution of bleach, water and wearing rubber gloves, use a sponge to wipe down the entire interior from top to bottom.  Let the debris  gather  at the bottom as you clean.  Remove any pieces of spoiled food and finish cleaning the interior.
The shelves can be cleaned in a similar fashion and then sprayed with a glass cleaner or multi-purpose cleaner to finish.  If you really want to thoroughly clean your shelves allow them to soak, as you clean the interior of the fridge, in a tub of cleaning solution that you have either prepared or purchased.
Last but not least, as you restock the refrigerator, be sure to look for moldy or expired products.  Sometimes milk can spoil before an expiration date if it wasn’t properly handled at the grocery store so a quick smell check can be useful.  To control odor within the refrigerator be sure to place an opened box of Baking Soda near the back wall and change it regularly.

Removing Spills And Stains Friday, July 31, 2009

Of course, whether your furniture or carpet is old or new everyone hates stains, they collect dirt and they aren’t very much fun to look at.  There are some handy cleaning supplies one should always have on hand that can help tackle even the toughest stains.
The first thing to remember when a spill happens is that your response time does make a difference.  The older the stain the harder it is to remove.  When a spill occurs immediately cover the area with a light coat of table salt.  The table salt helps keep the moisture nearer to the surface and delays the setting-in process.  You should always have a light terry cloth or white role of paper towels wherever you keep your cleaning supplies.

One of the most common mistakes with stains is attempting to clean the stained area by rubbing the stain, unfortunately all this usually accomplishes is spreading the stained area and further deepening the stain.  Gently blot the stain with the cloth and try to soak as much of the liquid into the cloth as possible.
The next step is to apply the appropriate cleaning solution to the stained area.

One tablespoon of Ammonia mixed with water in a spray bottle is affective in removing a variety of common stains.   Other good cleaning solutions involve Rubbing Alcohol for those greasy or oily stains, and for those where odor is a possible concern a solution of 1 part Vinegar and 2 parts water is very effective.  Again, it is important to remember to never rub the stain when attempting to clean it.  The right  San Diego cleaning company  can offer you more advice on removing tough stains.

Tips For A Professional Clean Friday, July 31, 2009

There is something to be said for that “do it yourself” mentality when it comes to cleaning. Knowing how to respond to your personal cleaning crisis yourself can be crucial to preventing long term damage to your home or office.
Cleaning the right way, however, isn’t easy work, and the more you wish to protect your possession the more work your sometimes have to put into cleaning them.  An amateur cleaning mistake like using the wrong instrument or chemical on something you value can cost you dearly.  Sometimes it helps to enlist a professional hand to tackle the entire job  so that you are fully protected and satisfied with the results.
Be sure to do your homework:

  • A good San Diego based cleaning company will be registered with the Better Business Bureau, and offer some kind of satisfaction guarantee.  Amateurs masquerading as professional cleaning companies are all over the place, but you would be better off not paying for the type of cleaning you can do yourself.
  • Test the communication skills of the company.  Being able to reach the right person when you have a question or concern is crucial.
  • Communicate the specific details of the results you desire from your cleaning service.  Think about what will make you satisfied and verbalize it.  A good cleaning service will respond to what you communicate and be flexible for you.

San Diego cleaning companies have the expertise needed to get the toughest, scariest cleaning jobs done right.  Whether the cleaning is for your home or office relying on regular professional cleaning services is way to be sure people are impressed by the environment you keep.