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Cleaning Window And Door Frames Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In a previous post, we discussed the best ways to clean your windows, and mentioned that the frames of the windows require different cleaning methods then the window glass.

Allowing water and cleaning fluids to collect in the frames of your windows can actually warp and ruin them. Both door frames and windows require special care.

Wooden window and door frames should be cleaned with soap and water, or with a commercial cleaning solution that is specially made for this purpose. If you are unsure about which products are safe, ask your janitorial service which ones they use on wooden windows and door frames. Be sure to thoroughly remove all traces of moisture, and always clean the window panes before you clean the glass.

When it comes to aluminum window and door frames, soap and water works as well. For tougher spots, use a mild solvent cleaner, and avoid cleaning aluminum during periods of extreme temperature.

As always, make sure to ask your San Diego commercial cleaning company for more tips and advice about the best way to clean windows, doors, and everything in between.

Making Countertop Cleaning Count Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Any San Diego cleaning professional will tell you that there is more to cleaning countertops than simply spraying on cleaner and then immediately wiping it off with a paper towel or sponge–much more.   Restaurant owners, in particular, need to pay close attention to the cleanliness of their countertops and food preparation surfaces, and make sure that they are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Here are some ways to do this:

1. Pay close attention to the specific care instructions for your type of countertops. Stainless steel countertops, for example, have different care instructions then granite countertops. If your countertops require special cleaning products, make sure that you purchase them, and that your San Diego commercial cleaning service uses them.

2.  Disinfect your sponges on a regular basis. Sponges can becoming breeding grounds for bacteria in no time. You should replace them frequently, and to disinfect regular, non-metal (steel wool) sponges, placing them in the microwave along with a small amount of water in a microwave safe dish for 1-2 minutes will do the trick.

3.  In a professional kitchen environment, countertops and other food preparation surfaces should be disinfected with a bleach solution consisting of 1 cup of bleach, one gallon of water, and small amount of detergent.  Apply the solution using a plastic spray bottle and then let it stand for five minutes before washing it off with plain water and a sponge until all traces of residue are removed.

Keeping your countertops clean is the best way to prevent the spread of infection and foodborne illnesses.

Hardwood Flooring Care And Maintenance Tips Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If your office, restaurant, or commercial building has hardwood flooring, then you know how beautiful, durable, and versatile this type of flooring can be when it is properly cared for. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to hire a San Diego janitorial cleaning service whenever possible. Some cleaning tasks should be left to the professionals, and hardwood flooring maintenance is one of them. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some basic care and maintenance on your own.  Here are some suggestions to help keep your wood floors gleaming  between professional cleanings.

1. Wax Off: If your floor is coated with a urethane finish, you should never wax it. This will cloud the finish and make your floors look dull. Similarly, to avoid dulling build up, make sure to only use cleaners that are specially formatted for wood floors. 

2. Don’t Over Water: Wood naturally expands when it is wet, and using a wet mop and/or large amounts of water when you clean will cause your wood floor to warp and stain over time.

3. Keep It Clean: Wipe up all spills promptly, and sweep or vacuum frequently. Dirt and other particles that are not removed can become ground in and cause scratches and dulling. 

4. Move Carefully: Take care when arranging furniture, and never drag heavy pieces across your wood flooring.  Consider purchasing protectors for the legs of your heavy tables and chairs. 

Your San Diego cleaning company will likely have more care and maintenance tips for you, so be sure to ask them.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The best way to keep the carpets in your office, restaurant, and other corporate spaces clean is to entrust them to a professional San Diego janitorial service. When it comes to minor, everyday stains and spills, however, tackling them yourself is often the best option. Here are some tricks from the cleaning professionals that will help you.

  • Remove spills and stains as quickly as possible. The longer that they are allowed to set, the harder they will be to remove.
  • Test carpets for color fastness before applying cleaners and shampoos to the entire carpeted area.
  • Allow carpets to dry thoroughly before walking on them. Your cleaning service will most likely opt to clean your carpets in the evening or in the early morning and you should pick lower traffic times as well, if you feel that you need to clean the carpet yourself.
  • When it comes to spills, blot them with a clean, absorbent cloth to remove as much as possible from the carpet. Make sure to blot, rather than rub, since rubbing spreads the spill into the fibers of the carpet.
  • Vacuum thoroughly and regularly, paying close attention to the high traffic areas. Vacuuming not only remove dirt and debris, but also extends the life of your carpet.

Keeping your carpet clean will help improve its appearance, longevity, and help to create a healthier workplace as well. images2

The Four Best Glass Surface Cleaning Tips Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keeping glass surfaces clean can be a challenge.  They get dirty easily, and fibers from fabric, paper towels, etc, always seem to stick to them.  Your San Diego cleaning service undoubtedly  keeps the glass surfaces in your office clean, but in-between cleanings, here are four tips to keep things sparkling.

1. Use a vinegar-based solution. Before commercial cleaning products were widely available, people cleaned thier windows and other glass surfaces with vineagar and newspaper and guess what–it works.  If you don’t have pure vineagar on hand, use a product containing vinegar and a soft, absorbent microfiber cloth (or a newspaper)

2. Avoid cleaning glass surfaces when they are exposed to direct sunlight. This makes it difficult to see all of the smudges and dirt.

3. If you are cleaning windows, make sure that all traces of cleaning products are removed from the window frames. Excess moisture on these surfaces can lead to deterioration over time.

4.  Never use razors or scraping tools to remove debris from coated or treated glass. This will remove the coating and degrade the glass.  To remove debris on uncoated, untreated glass, use a small, new razor blade and scrape carefully in one direction.

Keeping your windows and glass surfaces clean will greatly  improve the overall appearance of your office.  For more glass cleaning tips, make sure to ask your San Diego cleaning service

Making Your San Diego Office Space Look Great Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding the right San Diego cleaning service is the best way to keep your office looking great, but it doesn’t take an unlimited decorating budget to add a little sparkle to your decor.

  • Add some plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, your San Diego cleaning service will probably water them for you, and a few live plants not only brighten up the atmosphere–they can also help to improve indoor air quality.
  • Pick a theme. Decide on a color scheme and purchase your furniture, wall hangings, lamps, rugs, etc, to coordinate with it. This will make your office look as if you have consulted with an interior designer, even if you are on a tight budget.
  • Splurge. Purchase one truly unique item. Maybe an aquarium for your lobby, or a large wall hanging or sculpture. Maybe you really need a flat screen TV to pull your look together. Whatever it is, splurge on it whenever possible.
  • Keep it clean. Even the most expensively, professionally decorated office looks dingy if it has been overtaken by clutter. A clean office is a professional looking office–always.

You and your employees spend a majority of your time in your office space so you owe it to yourself, and them, to make it a place where everyone feels comfortable.